Atlassian Add-on using Express

Congratulations! You've successfully created an Atlassian Connect Add-on using
the Express web application framework.


  1. Install git, node, npm (2.7.5+) and ngrok.
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Add your Bitbucket credentials to credentials.json.
  4. Run ngrok 3000 and take note of the proxy's https://.. base url.
  5. Register a new OAuth consumer using the Bitbucket UI using the base url as the redirect URL.
  6. Enter the consumer's key as the consumerKey property under development in config.json.
  7. Run AC_LOCAL_BASE_URL=https://THE_NGROK_BASE_URL AC_ADDON_HOME=... node app.js from the
    repository root.

Development loop

The add-on will automatically register and de-register itself with Bitbucket on
startup and shutdown. It will also re-register any time
atlassian-connect.json is modified.

Note: automatic de-registration does not work if you're using nodemon or
supervisor to develop your add-on. You can manually manage your add-ons from