Usage: git-sham <pattern>

git-sham manipulates the commit mesage of the most recent commit by appending different random series of three emojis to it until the SHA matches a particular pattern.

git-sham calculates a new SHA for each iteration, so the amount of time it takes to run depends heavily on how specific a pattern you give it. Specifying an exact prefix of more than three characters can take a loong time, for example.


Prefix with 'aaa'

$ git sham ^aaa
aaab90b325cc Append emojis instead of fuzzing committer date 🏪🎰🍎

Prefix with numbers only

$ git sham "^[0-9]{12}"
252798123066 Update to reflect new emoji-based algorithm 🚨🍞🦂

"Pronounceable" prefix

Make the first five characters easily pronounceable as two syllables, e.g. fe-ded:

$ git sham "^([bcdf][ae10]){2}[bcdf]"
fededf9746db Add example output for numeric prefix 📫🌋🏐

Other examples: ba-ced, c0-b1d, ba-bab etc.