HipChat for Nexus plugin

Notify one or more HipChat rooms when artifacts matching a pattern are uploaded. This is a plugin for Sonatype Nexus, tested against version 2.8.1-01.


  1. Download the most recent from
  2. Extract into $NEXUS_WORK/plugin-repository/ ($NEXUS_WORK may be equivalent to sonatype-work/nexus if not otherwise defined).
  3. Create a Notification token from the HipChat API Tokens page.
  4. Look up the API IDs of the HipChat rooms you wish to notify from the Rooms list in HipChat Group Admin.
  5. Create a configuration file at $NEXUS_WORK/conf/hipchat.json with your auth token and mappings between your artifact patterns and rooms. See the Configuration section below for details. 1.



At a minimum, you will need to specify an authToken and at least one mapping between an Ant glob pattern and a room id.

For example:

  "authToken": "cafebabecafebabecafebabecafeba",
  "patterns": {
    "*.jar": ["625183"]


You can also customize:

  • color - yellow, green, red, purple, gray or random
  • fromName - the name displayed as the source of the message
  • apiBaseUrl - if you are running HipChat on your own hardware

For example:

  "authToken": "cafebabecafebabecafebabecafeba",
  "patterns": {
    "*.jar": ["625183", "626922"],
    "**/hipchat/*.xml": ["625183"]
  "color": "red",
  "fromName": "Nellie Nexus",
  "apiBaseUrl": ""


The patterns are Ant globs, matched against the artifacts path in your nexus repository. An example of a full path is:


So to match all Maven-style JAR artifacts with the groupId and the artifactId hipchat-for-nexus you might use the pattern:


Or to match all ZIP artifacts with groupId starting with com.atlassian you might use:


For convenience, if your pattern doesn't start with a / one is automatically prepended, as all artifacts paths start with a /.

Additionally, if your pattern doesn't contain a / at all, it is automatically prepended with /**/ so it will match on just the final path segment of the artifact. This is why *.jar in the example configuration above works.