1. Tim Pettersen
  2. ihmc-svn-hooks



IHMC SVN Commit hooks


  • You must have node.js installed. The hooks were tested against node v0.10.3.

Initial setup

  1. Navigate to your SVN hooks directory (e.g. $SVNROOT/hooks)
  2. Download the hook script and package.json:

    wget https://bitbucket.org/tpettersen/ihmc-svn-hooks/raw/master/pre-commit https://bitbucket.org/tpettersen/ihmc-svn-hooks/raw/master/package.json
  3. Make pre-commit executable by the svn user:

    chmod a+x pre-commit
  4. Install the node dependencies:

    npm install
  5. Edit pre-commit and update:

    • the svnlook variable to the path to your svnlook binary
    • the auth variable to contain your Bamboo username and password