Quick Start:

We are quickly approaching the first "release" of this software, but in the meantime, here is a quick guide to using it with the Robonaut2 simulator.


$ sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-simulators ros-indigo-moveit* ros-indigo-control* ros-indigo-ros-control* ros-indigo-gazebo-ros-control*

NOTE: if you receive a 'broken packages' error, try uninstalling libsdformat2

  1. Clone the following repositories into your catkin workspace. A rosinstall is available, or the links below can be followed to download the repositories individually, switching to the specified branches. Note that NASA recently deprecated their r2 repositories, moving them to gitlab. To accommodate these changes, the repositories below link to forks of the deprecated repositories.

  2. catkin_make at your workspace level

  3. Source each terminal (i.e., source devel/setup.bash) - you'll need four:
    1. roslaunch r2_gazebo r2_gazebo.launch
    2. roslaunch r2_moveit_config move_group.launch
    3. rosrun affordance_template_server affordance_template_server_node
    4. rviz [-d <path_to_rviz_config>]
  1. Add necessary dispalys in RViz; an RViz config is available.
    • RobotModel (robot model) - Robot Description: robot_description
    • InteractiveMarkers - Update Topic: /affordance_template_interactive_marker_server/update
  2. Add the affordance template panel by going to Panels->Add New Panel->RVizAffordanceTemplatePanel

Software Overview:

AT Architecture.png