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Welcome to the wiki of this project.

Clone the project

$ hg clone

Compile the library

It depends on sqlite, which can be installed easily from the repositories on most Linux distributions (do not forget the -dev packages). You do not need ccpunit if you do not compile the unit tests.

It uses CMake for compilation (install either the ncurses or qt gui, eg sudo apt-get install cmake-qt-gui on Ubuntu). The library is then compiled with the target TrajectoryManagementAndAnalysis. The steps are:

$ ccmake .
$ cmake .
$ make TrajectoryManagementAndAnalysis


This project was done by Piotr Bilinski for the Google Summer of Code 2010, for the OpenCV project. It is now maintained by Nicolas Saunier and his collaborators. François Bélisle in particular worked on it during Summer 2012.

If you use this software, please cite:

  • for the use in video analysis, S. Jackson, L. Miranda-Moreno, P. St-Aubin, and N. Saunier. A flexible, mobile video camera system and open source video analysis software for road safety and behavioural analysis. In Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers, 2013. 13-3229 (accepted for publication in Transportation Research Record)
  • for the work in motion pattern learning, N. Saunier, T. Sayed and C. Lim. Probabilistic Collision Prediction for Vision-Based Automated Road Safety Analysis. 10th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Seattle, October 2007