Lukas Diekmann committed 4f4b06b

now we dont reference i before assignment anymore

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     # find smallest set in others_w to reduce comparisons
-    startindex, startlength = -1, -1
+    i, startindex, startlength = 0, -1, -1
     for i in range(len(others_w)):
         w_other = others_w[i]
             startindex = i
             startlength = length
-    if i > 0:
-        others_w[i], others_w[0] = others_w[0], others_w[i]
+    others_w[i], others_w[0] = others_w[0], others_w[i]
     result = w_left._newobj(space, others_w[0])
     for i in range(1,len(others_w)):
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