pypy-sandbox-4-pycode / pypy / translator / sandbox /

import code
import sys

class PycodeConsole (code.InteractiveConsole):
    def __init__(self):
        environ = {'__name__': 'PycodeTester',
                   '__doc__': None,
                   'raw_input': self.raw_input
        code.InteractiveConsole.__init__(self, environ)
        self.output = ''
        self.syntaxError = self.exception = False
        self.lineNum = 0
        self.inputLines = None
    def setInput(self, inputString):
        if inputString == None:
            self.inputLines = None
            inputString.replace('\r', '')
            while inputString.endswith('\n'):
                inputString = inputString[:-1]
            self.inputLines = inputString.split('\n')
        self.lineNum = 0
    def write(self, data):
        self.output += data
    def showsyntaxerror(self, *args):
        self.syntaxError = True
        code.InteractiveConsole.showsyntaxerror(self, *args)
    def showtraceback(self, *args):
        self.exception = True
        code.InteractiveConsole.showtraceback(self, *args)
    def runsource(self, src, filename='<input>', mode='single'):
        self.saved_stdout = sys.stdout
        self.saved_stderr = sys.stderr
        sys.stdout = self
        sys.stderr = self
        result = code.InteractiveConsole.runsource(self, src, filename, mode)
        sys.stdout = self.saved_stdout
        sys.stderr = self.saved_stderr
        return result

    def raw_input(self, prompt = ''):
        self.output += prompt
        if self.inputLines is None or self.lineNum >= len(self.inputLines):
            raise EOFError
        line = self.inputLines[self.lineNum]
        #self.output += "<<{0:d}>>".format(self.lineNum)
        self.lineNum += 1
        return line

    def runTest(self, studentCode, interpreterCommands, stdin=None):
        cmdLines = interpreterCommands.split('\n')
        cmdResult = self.runsource(studentCode, mode='exec')
        if cmdResult:
            self.syntaxError = True
            self.output += "Program code incomplete (unclosed brackets?)\n"
        self.commandsRun = 0
        cmdResult = False

        while self.commandsRun < len(cmdLines) and not self.syntaxError and not self.exception:
            line = cmdLines[self.commandsRun]
            cmdResult = self.push(line)
            self.commandsRun += 1
        while cmdResult:
            cmdResult = self.push('')   # close off any incomplete input
        return self.output

class PycodeTester (object):
    def __init__(self, code):
        if code.endswith('\n'):
            self.studentCode = code
            self.studentCode = code + '\n'
    def stripTrailingWs(self, s):
        '''Return s with trailing whitespace stripped'''
        while s.endswith(('\n', ' ')):
            s = s[0:-1]
        return s
    def runTests(self, tests):
        '''Run the given set of tests with the code provided to the
           constructor. Returns a list of result pairs, each consisting
           of the string 'Yes', 'No', 'Syntax Error' or 'Runtime Error'
           and the actual output received. 'Yes' indicates that the
           output matches the expected value. Trailing whitespace is
           removed prior to the equality test. Leading whitespace,
           or trailing whitespace on lines other than the first, is
           not removed.
        results = []
        i = 0
        abort = False
        while i < len(tests) and not abort:
            if len(tests[i]) == 2:
                (testInput, expected) = tests[i]
                stdin = None
                (testInput, stdin, expected) = tests[i]
            pc = PycodeConsole()
            output = pc.runTest(self.studentCode, testInput, stdin)
            if pc.syntaxError:
                outcome = 'Syntax Error'
            elif pc.exception:
                outcome = 'Runtime Error'
            elif self.stripTrailingWs(output) == self.stripTrailingWs(expected):
                outcome = 'Yes'
                outcome = 'No'  # debug: + ' ' + comparison(output, expected)
            results.append( (outcome, output) )
            if pc.syntaxError or pc.exception:
                abort = True
            i += 1
        return results

# Utility function to show how two strings differ

def comparison(s1, s2):
    result = ''
    if len(s1) != len(s2):
        result += " (lengths: {0}, {1})".format(len(s1), len(s2))
    for i in range(0, min(len(s1), len(s2))):
        if s1[i] != s2[i]:
            result += ' differ at pos' + str(i)
    return result
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