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Core Usability Values

Usability is the cornerstone of this project, the following a list of the core values of this project in relation to usability:

1. Usability takes priority over all other concerns. We will not make decisions that compromise usability.

2. The default settings must work out of the box with no need to do any setup or download any modules.

3. The interface must be intuitive and discoverable. We will not be providing any help file. If the user needs a help file it means we have failed in the user interface design. If we get lots of question about how to do something then we must rethink our User Interface design.

4. Content is key. The application must not get in the way of the content. This means only two rows at the top (tabs plus navigation bar) and only one frame containing the content.

5. The user must not wait. If a new feature means the user must wait the feature will not be added.