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Development Setup

Development has only been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 It may be possible to get it running on other Linux Distributions. However we have made a decision to directly support only Ubuntu. Ubuntu has the largest share in the Linux desktop space. Packages may be produced for other distributions by third parties in the future but they will not be supported officially by this project.

You can update at any time with the command

  • hg pull -u

Ubuntu packaging instructions

  • sudo apt-get install devscripts
  • sudo apt-get install debhelper
  • sudo apt-get install cli-common-dev
  • sudo apt-get install mono-xbuild
  • debuild -us -uc

Uploading to PPA

(you will currently need to be me (trampster) and have my private PGP Key)

  • Download and extract source, rename folder to widemargin_version
  • Rename archive to widemargin_versoin.orig.tar.gz
  • add -1 to version in debian/changelog
  • build source using: debuild -S -sa
  • Upload source to PPA using: dput ppa:trampster/widemargin widemargin_[VersionNumber]_source.changes

Windows Development

  • Create a SupportingAssemblies folder in the root
  • Populate with Mono.Data.Sqlite (4.0) and sqlite.exe and gtk-sharp-2.12.10.win32.msi

Windows Installer

  • Install WIX 3.5
  • Install bootstrapper


  • Setup pubic key on
  • git clone
  • import new upstream release using git-import-orig --pristine-tar
  • Request sponsorship by typeing: %learn rfs is widemargin into #debian-cli
  • Remove feedback by typing %forget rfs-feedback *

New Debian Package