liberis (C)2011 Alex Marshall "trap15" <>
A set of libraries for NEC/Hudson PC-FX development.
This code is licensed to you under the terms of the MIT license;
see file LICENSE or

7up            -- Controls the two 7up VDPs. These were also used in the
                  PC-Engine. Support is partly tested. Only low-level API exists
cd             -- High-level interface to the CD drive. Tested working.
king           -- Controls the KING chip, which controls many other peripherals.
                  Basic support exists and backgrounds have been tested working.
pad            -- Handles input ports. Tested working. High- and low-level
                  interfaces exist.
romfont        -- Activates the in-ROM font processing. Tested working.
soundbox       -- SoundBox PSG support. Similar to the PSG in the PC-Engine.
                  PSG support is tested working. Other support is untested.
                  Only low-level API exists currently.
scsi           -- Interface to the SCSI interface on KING. Tested working. Only
                  low-level API exists currently.
std            -- "Standard" function replicas, with modifications for
tetsu          -- Controls NEW Tetsukannon, the video controller. Tested
v810           -- Miscellaneous V810 supports.

NEC/Hudson     -- Creating such a cool system
trap15         -- Code and reverse engineering
Arikado        -- Support and listening to my rambling while I code
Ryphecha       -- Inifinite amounts of help
Mednafen       -- Greatest debugger around!
#HACKERCHANNEL -- The cool place
#pcfx @ EFnet  -- EFnet's premier PC-FX channel!