pcfxtools (C)2011 Alex Marshall "trap15" <>

A set of tools for NEC/Hudson PC-FX development or reverse engineering.
This code is licensed to you under the terms of the MIT license;
see file LICENSE or


bincat         -- Concatenate binaries into a single binary, padded out to put
                  each in its own set of 2048 byte sectors. It also generates
                  a header file with the LBAs for each file's sector.
huobj          -- Converts HuOBJ .o files into more common files (eventually an
                  ELF object, but for now it dumps all the sections).
hulib          -- Extracts files from HuLIB .a files into a directory for usage.
pcfx-cdlink    -- An updated version of pcfx-cdlink that allows you to generate
                  a set of .bin and .cue files which can be burned and then run
                  on a PC-FX. Uses an input list with parameters for
                  configuration. (example.txt is an example of such an input
                  list file.) boot.h may not be legal within your jurisdiction,
                  as it is a binary blob taken from a commercial game.


NEC/Hudson     -- Creating such a cool system
trap15         -- Code and reverse engineering
Arikado        -- Support and listening to my rambling while I code
Ryphecha       -- Infinite amounts of help
Mednafen       -- Greatest debugger around!
#HACKERCHANNEL -- The cool place