Automated Python build script for Apache for Windows

Check versions for each piece and update here:

Very important, new versions require new release

Apache httpd = 2.4.23 (get newest 2.4 series)

OpenSSL = 1.0.2j (get newest FIPS compliant. As of Oct 24, 2016, OpenSSL 1.1.x is not FIPS compliant, using it will fail STIG requirements)

OpenSSL FIPS = 2.0.13 (get newest non-ecp)

Less important, only update these when doing a new release

Apache apr = 1.5.2 (get newest)

Apache apr-util = 1.5.4 (get newest)

Apache apr-iconv = 1.2.1 (get newest)

zlib = 1.2.8 (get newest)

PCRE = 8.39 (get newest)

To run the script locally:

cd <drive> (root, e.g. c:)

mkdir BuildApache

cd BuildApache

git init

git config remote.origin.url

git pull origin trunk

python --httpd=2.4.23 --fips=2.0.13 --openssl=1.0.2j --zlib=1.2.8 --pcre=8.39 --apr=1.5.2 --aprutil=1.5.4 --apriconv=1.2.1

change versions appropriately

WARNING! Do not use Apache docs to update the script. The docs are outdated and state incorrect build steps.