This README is basic and was done in haste, at some point, it too needs updated and revised (and proper markdown).

This is a basic Python3 script to contact Rally's 2.0 API and request JSON. The JSON can be viewed or dumped into files.

Future Ideas:

  • Pass user name and password to the script, rather than having it hard coded within the script (done this way out of laziness and time constraints)
    • Or maybe use a (or in addition to passing arguments) a YAML configuration file
  • Allow the option to have the script display the output or pass it on to files or max X-MB size
    • Possibility to push to some form of db (SQL, No-SQL, etc)
  • Add ability to pull from saved source to import back into Rally
    • A separate ability that is easily configured with a YAML file that understand the source so that the source can be of other types, not just Rally exports
      • Basically, an interface to a user defined transformer <-> Rally
      • The YAML file would define the output in respects to Rally's 2.0 API (e.g. Rally to or from Tuleap)


  • Python >= 3.4
  • Requests (ease of use of liburl, a great library in and of itself)
  • pyyaml (roadmap: TBD)
  • cone (my pyyaml interface. roadmap: TBD (based on pyyaml integration)