Sources for my personal Yum repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux.

I'm a Fedora packager from some time, but I do continue to need a few others packages:
* that are not in official repositories yet (or can't be!),
* that are not up-to-date in the repos, while I need a specific version.
Those ones will be removed from my repository once they'll be update in
Fedora's repositories; I generally do RFE on Fedora's BZ,
* for EL-5... That last category is mostly no longer maintained; I used to ran
tomcat6 under el-5 for an previous job, I also need ruby and some gems in order to
run Redmine... Anyways, I'm no longer using tomcat on rhel, and I've migrated
mys Redmine installation on Fedora now :)

Those repositories are built in respect with Fedora packaging guildelines (only
exceptions concerns licencing/patents/... issues). If you identify an issue
or a non respect of those rules, you can use BitBucket issue tracker:

Repository website:

Sources, issue tracker, etc. :

repobuilder (python script that help me maintain my repo):