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Welcome to OpenBB! This project aims to create an open-source remake of the iconic 1997 strategy game "Beasts and Bumpkins" developed by "Worldweaver Productions".

original cover

File formats

Find some details about the file formats used in the original B&B game here: B&B file formats

Build instructions

  • get SFML2
    • svn co
  • build all the CSFML-DLLs except system (check the build folder)
  • DSFML/import contains the necessary import files for OpenBB to build and needs to be found by your D compiler
  • get OpenBB
    • hg clone
  • on Windows, get xfBuild from and try make.bat
  • copy the CSFML dlls into the bin folder as well as VIDEO.BOX and BBRBANK.FAT from your B&B installation