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Issue #1 resolved

"df" Output Needs POSIX Flag

Anonymous created an issue

First of all, thanks for your work and for providing this to the community. Now on to an issue we found while testing the scripts:

If the device being monitored by "df" is too long, the output continues on a new line and is not reported correctly to Graphite. Updating the df.sh script as follows fixes it (at least on RedHat 5.8):


function repeat { while true do echo "$1" | /bin/bash sleep $graphite_interval_seconds done }


echo "Launching df monitoring, reporting data to $graphite_host" repeat "df -hP | gawk -f $QUICKSTATD_HOME/awk/df.awk hostname=$HOSTNAME graphite_host=$graphite_host graphite_port=$graphite_port"

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