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A library for managing content addressable data in terms of graph edges defined as sextuples.

Recent activity

Travis Wellman

Travis Wellman pushed 5 commits to travisfw/BaseParadigm

15ecb30 - overload concat with a less efficient varargs version even though it isn't needed yet
5745ca6 - javadoc edits
5723817 - ZomuCidScheme fleshed out
ce82320 - keep the number of zomu possibilities down to 8
5a3884a - ready to start experimenting with ZOMU, which has been sitting in theory for a year or so.
Travis Wellman

Travis Wellman pushed 4 commits to travisfw/BaseParadigm

0e54b9b - fix a bug in CaSet#asType which broke graph traversal
64684ae - new MEdge constructor allows creating an edge from just strings with an explicit CidScheme
ced6431 - setInitialized on AbstractHcidStuffable because nested structures may need to set initialized state on managed substructures
ae980aa - add being a copy-on-write operation makes more sense than returning a boolean
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