Tap Tracker

This is an GPLv3 Android app for tracking various recurring life events. The concept is simple. You set up what you want to track, and for each thing the app creates a button. When you tap a button, the app records the time and date of that button press in a log.

Tap Tracker has been written primarily for health and wellness. I track supplements, how good I feel, when I exercise, etcetera. That said, the app may be more broadly applicable for tracking, say, times your room mate leaves the door unlocked, or bird sightings. I'd be happy to hear your use case.

Screen Shot (this is actually what I use every day!)



You can export your tap log as a CSV, so you can do analytics in a spreadsheet or DBMS like Postgres (what I use).

I have a separate repo with a number of Postgres queries that I will publish when I can see that the results are clearly significant. At that point I'll probably integrate them into the app.

Informally, I'd be happy to share these queries, and I would love to hear what kind of analytics you want to do. Please file a ticket or post on G+.

Future versions will show pretty charts to help you gain insight.

Dependent and Independent Trackers

Trackers can be labeled as dependent or independent variables to distinguish desirable or undesirable events, AKA dependent variables, from events that may be influencing the frequency of those, AKA independent variables. An example of a dependent variable is your energy level in the morning. Do you have lots of energy? Why might that be? One factor could be your caffeine intake. Caffeine would be an independent variable.

Sometimes a tracker is both independent and dependent. For instance, exercising can influence a lot of things, and as such is an independent variable. But exercising can be a goal in itself, and so you want to know what things you're doing effect how much you exercise. That makes it a dependent variable as well.

For the purpose of analytics, it is very useful to have both categories defined. So it's good to understand these concepts starting out.

How do I get set up to contribute to this project?

Tap Tracker is a typical Android Studio project. I try to keep Gradle and AS up to date. If you have trouble, please file a bug or post in the G+ community.

Contribution guidelines

Tap Tracker is GPLv3. Know what that means before cloning this repo.

If you push to this repo or open a pull request, or through any means send me patches to include, you are agreeing to assign copyright of the code in question to me, Travis Wellman. I will continue to publish this code repository as Free Software under the GPLv3 or later. I also reserve my right as copyright holder to license the code to other entities under other licenses. (This may provide revenue, enabling me to allocate more of my time to this project!)

Please hack.

Who do I talk to?

My name is Travis. More technical users can interact with me here on BitBucket, and there is also a G+ community.


The md5 of the GPLv3 is, and should remain: d32239bcb673463ab874e80d47fae504