1. Bas van Oostveen
  2. django-social-bookmarks


Django Social Bookmarks

Put 'social_bookmarks' in INSTALLED_APPS and add SOCIAL_BOOKMARKS settings to settings.py.
See social_bookmarks/settings.py for all available options. social_bookmarks/links.py lists
all available links which can be set in SOCIAL_BOOKMARKS option.

Add inclusion tag to your template to show the social bookmark links.


{{ content }}
{% load social_bookmarks_tags %}
{% show_social_bookmarks object.title object.get_absolute_url %}


- improve README and documentation

- put strings in database so it can be enabled, disabled, added. removed and changed from admin ?
- some caching ? (cache the entire inclusion tag)
- more default templates for how links are represented ?


Thanks to the people at www.marketingland.nl from who i copied most of the icons.