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Ian Cordasco  committed 106b15a

Closes #37 again

Although I cannot reproduce the error in clean virtualenv's I added an extra
check to be 100% certain.

Also, # nopep8 is entirely documented in the README. I entirely forgot about
it when it was first introduced (except for adding it to the "Changes""

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     # flake8: noqa
-- lines that contains a "# NOQA" comment at the end will not issue a warning.
+- lines that contain a "# NOQA" comment at the end will not issue pyflakes 
+  warnings.
+- lines that contain a "# NOPEP8" comment at the end will not issue pep8 
+  warnings.
 - a Mercurial hook.
 - a McCabe complexity checker.

File flake8/pep8.py

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     line = physical_line.rstrip()
     length = len(line)
     if length > max_line_length:
+        if line.strip().lower().endswith('# nopep8'):
+            return
         if hasattr(line, 'decode'):   # Python 2
             # The line could contain multi-byte characters