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Fixed bug with interaction of -o and -a options of t i

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         switch(db, [sheet])
         sheet = dbutil.get_current_sheet(db)
+    timestamp = cmdutil.parse_date_time_or_now(
     if opts.out:
-        clock_out(db)
-    timestamp = cmdutil.parse_date_time_or_now(
+        clock_out(db, timestamp=timestamp)
     running = dbutil.get_active_info(db, sheet)
     if running is not None:
         raise SystemExit, 'error: timesheet already active'
     opts, args = parser.parse_args(args=args)
     clock_out(db,, opts.verbose)
-def clock_out(db, at=None, verbose=False):
-    timestamp = cmdutil.parse_date_time_or_now(at)
+def clock_out(db, at=None, verbose=False, timestamp=None):
+    if not timestamp:
+        timestamp = cmdutil.parse_date_time_or_now(at)
     active = dbutil.get_current_start_time(db)
     if active is None:
         raise SystemExit, 'error: timesheet not active'