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Possible to use on more than one machine

Anonymous created an issue

If I were to sync the .timebook directory across multiple machines, would this cause any troubles?

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  1. Trevor Caira repo owner

    A robust implementation of this is planned for the future. In general syncing is a difficult problem if there is a potential for conflicts. However, there are two simple ways to work around the problem:

    1. Only use timebook on one machine, and access that machine over ssh when you need to start a timesheet remotely.
    2. If you want to keep X and Y in sync, before altering the state of a timebook on Y, push changes from X to Y, and vice versa. Neither way is ideal (I personally use #1 for now), but it will eventually be fixed.
  2. W. Trevor King

    I was thinking about this today as I left for work shortly after installing timebook. Here's the interface that makes sense to me:

    New commands:

    • throw -- mark an entry end time as occurring on a remote host, saves current time as a hint
    • catch -- mark an entry start time as occurring on a remote host, saves current time as a hint
    • merge -- given an sqlite DB from the remote host (which you get with scp or whatever), join matching throw/catch pairs and import any entries that don't already exist in the local DB.

    throw/catch entries match if

    • they are in the same time sheet
    • the catch time hint is after the throw time hint

    This could fail if you throw entry-x from host A, catch it on B, start entry-y on B, throw entry-y, and catch on C. Then you merge C into A which will join the x-throw with the y-catch. Fix by merging B, which will note that the x-catch/y-throw occurs during the x-in/y-out entry and split that entry in to the proper x-followed-by-y configuration.

    I haven't implemented any of this yet, but if it sounds like a viable plan I'll give it a shot.

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