Rethink command naming

Issue #7 resolved
Trevor Caira
repo owner created an issue

Reorganize the command names to avoid name clashes. Ideally, the most commonly used commands (start, stop, info, list) are unambiguous by their first character.

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  1. Trevor Caira reporter

    Rethought the command naming (fixes #7).

    The following commands have been renamed:

    active -> running csv -> format current -> now --simple delete -> kill info -> now shell -> backend show -> display start -> in stop -> out write -> alter

    The original command names have been preserved as aliases.


  2. Alex Yakovlev

    I like new command names.

    Not that I complain and miss `delete`, but `delete` alias seems not working now... :-)

    492171f781c8 :

    C:\src>t delete
    error: no such command "delete".
    C:\src>t kill
    delete timesheet default? y

    Is it really nessesary (try) to preserve old command names anyway?

  3. Trevor Caira reporter

    Good catch. This is now fixed. As for preserving old command names, it's mostly to help me transition to the new command set after typing the old commands every day for a year :-)

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