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Jason McKesson  committed b0d1196

Fixed 0.4.1 GLSDK upgrade.

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 		"glsdk",				--The output directory to copy the component's data.
 		"glsdk.7z",				--The filename that will be created in the download director.
 		"glsdk_0.4.1",			--If the zip file has a base directory, then name it here. If it doesn't, then just use ""
-		[==[https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/glsdk/GLSDK%200.4.0/glsdk_0.4.1.7z?r=&ts=1321259892&use_mirror=master]==],
+		[==[https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/glsdk/GLSDK%200.4.0/glsdk_0.4.1.7z?r=&ts=1321260316&use_mirror=master]==],
 		--Files/ to delete, relative to the output directory of this component.