django-simple-history / simple_history / templates / simple_history / object_history.html

{% extends "admin/object_history.html" %}
{% load i18n %}

{% block content %}
	<div id="content-main">

		<p>{% blocktrans %}Choose a date from the list below to revert to a previous version of this object.{% endblocktrans %}</p>

		<div class="module">
			{% if action_list %}
				<table id="change-history">
							<th scope="col">{% trans 'Date/time' %}</th>
							<th scope="col">{% trans 'Comment' %}</th>
							<th scope="col">{% trans 'Changed by' %}</th>
						{% for action in action_list %}
								<th scope="row"><a href="{{ action.revert_url }}">{{ action.history_date }}</a></th>
								<td>{{ action.get_history_type_display }}</td>
								<td>{{ action.changed_by }}</td>
						{% endfor %}
			{% else %}
				<p>{% trans "This object doesn't have a change history." %}</p>
			{% endif %}
{% endblock %}