Use of built-in system fields such as the stattable plugin

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Issue #16 resolved
Andrew Van Scoter (VSF Experts) created an issue

Hi, we have a customer who we sold your plugin and he is now asking how he can change the search template configuration for system / built-in fields. Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks, Andrew

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  1. Andrew Van Scoter (VSF Experts) reporter

    @treymarc Could you please comment on the question who we could possibly enable built-in fields such as due-date, created-date to be used with your plugin?

  2. Marc Trey repo owner

    there is some legacy reason around what field is a custom field , you can not use this plugin with the due date but the with story points you can : Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 23.35.08.png

  3. Marc Trey repo owner

    you can only change the search template of a custom field, the fields your mention are not custom fields.

    you can workaround the limitation if you copy the value to a custom field , as described in this issue

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