Values with dashes and underscores split into separate stats

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Issue #18 closed
Former user created an issue

Hello, we have some fields that have values that include items like the following:

  • Smith
  • Jones
  • Rogers-Walton
  • Bush
  • Elm_Main
  • Broad

We are encountering a problem where the values are being split into separate values for reporting. So instead of getting five counts of "Elm_Main" we are getting five counts of "Elm" and five counts of "Main", and instead of six counts of "Rogers-Walton" we are getting six counts of "Rogers" and six counts of "Walton".

Can this be fixed?

Thank you!

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  1. Marc Trey repo owner

    closing as no update was provided , considering the proposed solution as enough (also , this is for some use case the intended behaviour)

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