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Issue #22 open
Russell Stadler created an issue

Has this add-on been tested against Jira Data Center at all? I saw that this doesn't yet have the official Atlassian Marketplace stamp of approval for Data Center, but was curious if you'd tested it all against DC in spite of the lack of the official recognition as such.

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  1. Marc Trey repo owner

    Hello @airstad , this plugin has not been tested within a real jira datacenter yet. technically : The plugin (as with the others builtin atlassian searchers) store his data in the lucene index (cf so there are no issue to use it in a datacenter configuration. This plugin was listed as compatible with Jira Datacenter but the stamp was removed as Atlassian now requires a formal process for approval.

  2. Russell Stadler Account Deactivated reporter

    Ah cool; I'd speculated that because it mainly affects indexing behavior, there shouldn't be data center-specific problems. For what it's worth, when I installed an evaluation in our dev data center environment, it seems to be well behaved so far. I'll check with some of the other folks on the team here to see if there are other more specific things we want to ask about in the course of reviewing this add-on for use.

  3. Russell Stadler Account Deactivated reporter

    I keep running into things here that would be solved handily if I could use this add-on, but for lack of the Data Center stamp of approval the powers that be are reluctant to let me do so.

    On the outside chance that I can help in any way, what’s involved with getting officially DC approved, and is there any part of that process that I can try and help with doing?

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