Ability to have Exact Text Statistics with Free Text Search

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Issue #4 resolved
Jacob Feisley created an issue

We would like the ability to run statistics on a given text field using the exact strings, but still be able to search for them as if it were free text.

Example Data:

  • Project A
  • Project B
  • Project C

Currently if we enable the free text searcher then, as stated in the Wiki, the Statistics will show:

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • project

If we set the exact text searcher then it displays as desired, however, we lose the ability to use the following JQL:

customfield ~ "A"


customfield ~ "project"

and instead must use exact searches such as:

customfield = "Project A"

I am not sure if this is something that could be implemented in the plugin or if there is a limitation in JIRA that prevents this.

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  1. Marc Trey repo owner


    what you described is indeed the current behaviour of jira

    At the moment we are using :


    so this issue would require a custom indexer

  2. Marc Trey repo owner

    After investigation :there is a design limitation in JIRA that prevents this change... for the moment.

  3. Marc Trey repo owner

    Version 1.1.8 : You can search for the exact field content or combine several expression using JQL, ie : !~ , ~ = , != , in , not in , is empty , is not empty .

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