The exact text searcher is case sensitive but not the statistic

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Issue #6 resolved
Marc Trey repo owner created an issue

The jql query for the exact text searcher is case sensitive but not the statistic, here is the mismatch :


the exact text searcher should provide exact case sensitive statistic or show both issue TST-5 and TST-4 in the jql search result, with a count result matching the statistic count as shown here : BUG-6_solved.png

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  1. Scott Harman

    Hi Marc This appears to be partially resolved - any text with spaces or other delimiters appears to be no longer searchable I've got a region called Asia/Pac which no longer returns any results, nor does Hong Kong or New Zealand for countries. I changed the build target to 6.1.5, but aside from that - no other changes.

  2. Scott Harman

    Awesome - that works perfectly - better than I had hoped ;) Many thanks MarcScreenShot091.png

    That's based on free text of region of asia/pac

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