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IDE Integration


VimR showing Modula-2 source file

Integration with VIM

M2C is being integrated into the cross-platform Vim IDE.

The following features are currently supported:

  • disambiguation of .def and .mod file types
  • automatic detection of Modula-2 dialect in input file
  • support of special comment dialect tags to set dialect
  • manual selection of dialect via Syntax menu (GUI only)
  • syntax colouring for PIM, ISO and M2 R10 dialects
  • user setting for default dialect via Vim startup file
  • disabling of octal numbers and synonyms for PIM and ISO

The following features will be supported later:

  • code folding of comments, procedures and statements
  • invoking M2C directly from within Vim via Make menu


  • Modula-2 support files for Vim (platform independent)

  • with Modula-2 support (MacOS X) (via

MD5 ( = d5ccd4c7f88af40f2665042db9f01071
  • with Modula-2 support (MacOS X) (via

MD5 ( = beb8b06d594f1848f68c4ba80e09c5c4




GVIM under Linux showing split view



MacVim under Mac OS X showing Modula-2 dialect selection in syntax menu



MacVim Showing split view with filename and Modula-2 dialect in status bar