Modula-2 Revision 2010

* M2 R10 Repository *

Welcome to the design and development repository of Modula-2 Revision 2010,
its language report, reference compiler and standard library.

Quick links:

o  Technical Specification


o  Source Tree


o  Library Definition Modules


o  Summary of Changes


o  Design Journal


o  Compiler Roadmap


* About Classic Modula-2 *

Modula-2 is a modular, imperative programming language designed in 1978 at the
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ)  by Prof. Niklaus Wirth
as a successor  to his earlier language  Pascal.  More information  about  the
classic Modula-2 language and its history can be found at:


* About Modula-2 Revision 2010 *

Modula-2 R10 is a modern revision of N.Wirth's Modula-2 language undertaken by
B.Kowarsch  and R.Sutcliffe  in 2009  and 2010.  A pragma system  was added in
in 2011 and 2012.  The Design was  refined and polished in 2013.  The language
report is  currently under editorial review  and will be publshed in book form
in 2014.

The primary design goals of the revision were type safety,  utmost readability
and consistency,  and  suitability  as a  core language   for domain  specific
supersets.   Targeted  areas   of  application   are  systems  implementation,
engineering and mathematics.  Some inspiration was taken from Ada and Oberon.

A particular strength  of the design  is  a set of facilities  to make library
defined abstract data types  practically indistinguishable from built-in types
and thereby eliminate one of the major causes of feature growth.

A reference compiler  for Modula-2 R10 has been  under development  since 2010
but work had been suspended until the design has been finalised.  Some updates
were done in 2013.  Development will fully resume in 2014. Initially, the com-
piler will generate C99 source code,  and eventually LLVM IR.

* Development Schedule *

This project is a  *private*  and  *self-funded*  effort by the authors who are
doing this work in their own *spare* *time*.  Further, the authors believe that
quality design  and proper specification are prerequisites for a quality imple-
mentation and cannot be rushed.  The finalisation  of the  manuscripts  for the
book - currently estimated for end of Q1/2014 - will allow shifting of focus to
the implementation,  but there is  no fixed schedule  for the completion of the
project.  It will take as long as it takes.

(status: Jan 31, 2014)
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