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obsqr - minimalistic QR scanner for Android

obsqr is a fast and lightweight QR scanner application for Android.


To make it run on your Android device you need to have Andoird 1.6 or higher.
Both, ARM and x86 architectures are supported.


obsqr uses zbar library to decode QR images, so before building obsqr you need
to install zbar first. 

To make easier, there is a helper script called '':

	$ bash

This will fetch zbar sources from the official repository and
create symlinks to the zbar sources inside `jni` directory.

Then, update project accodring to your SDK version:

	$ android update project -p . -t <your-target>

Edit by specifying path to the NDK:


Finally, run ant to build obsqr:

	$ ant debug

After this step, you should get an *.apk inside the 'bin' directory.


obsqr is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
See LICENSE file for more details.

Recent activity

Anna Kruglik

Anna Kruglik pushed 5 commits to trikita/obsqr

0b81963 - release version 2.6
a7f6481 - added wifi configuration qr parser; after parsing a device may be connected to a network due to new permissions in manifest: CHANGE_WIFI_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
7216dff - improved MECARD contact parser to fully support escaped characters in contact information
8a86818 - added wifi QR code parser
0b78c78 - linted sources; set support since api level 9
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