obsqr - minimalistic QR scanner for Android

obsqr is a fast and lightweight QR scanner application for Android.

Obsqr screenshot


To make it run on your Android device you need to have Andoird 2.3 or higher, and of course your device should have a camera.


obsqr uses zbar library to decode QR images. Zbar mirror is added as a subrepo so it's fetched automatically. Zbar sources are added to the jni directory as symlinks.

Update project accodring to your SDK version:

$ android update project -p . -t <your-target>

Edit by specifying path to the NDK:


Finally, run ant to build obsqr:

$ gradle build

After this step, you should get several *.apk files inside the bin directory.

Supported architectures are ARM, ARMv7, MIPS and x86, also there is a "fat" APK for all architectures.


obsqr is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE file for more details.