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Groupmanger Plugin

By installing the plugin a new item is created in the "Security" section for all users: "Group Manager". There you can assign group managers to groups which again can add users to groups. Depending on user permissions the content of the screen differs:

  • administrators can see all SCM-Manager groups
  • group managers can see all groups that they are managing
  • normal users see a note that says: "There are no groups configured you can manage."


After choosing a group the screen has two tabs: "Group Manager" and "Members". The purpose of the tabs is as follows:

  • "Group Manager": Here you can add group managers to a group. Only administrators can see this tab.
  • "Members": In this tab you can manage the members of groups. It can be seen by administrators and group managers.


Working with the Groupmanager Plugin

In the "Group Manager" screen you can manage group managers and members of all groups that are existing in SCM-Manager. First an administrator has to add group managers to the groups. Then the group managers can add members. If you want to create or delete a group, you can do so as usual in the "Groups" screen.

Add Group Managers

Go to the "Group Manager" screen and select the group of your choice. Then select the tab "Group Manager".


  • By clicking on "Add" you can add new group managers. The autocomplete function will help you to enter the name.
  • If you want to remove a group manager, simply select the user und click "Remove".
  • Click "OK" to save your changes.
  • Changes become effective immediately.

Add Members

In order to add members first select the group, then the "Members" tab.


  • Click "Add" and start typing the username. The autocomplete function will help you to enter the name.
  • Deleting a group member can be done by clicking "Remove" after the member was selected.
  • Changes are saved after you clicked "OK".
  • Changes become effective after the next login of affected users.

Known Issue

There is a known issue about a caching problem for SCM-Manager version 1.31 and following. If you use one of these versions changes of group membership are only becoming effective after the application server was restarted. The issue will be fixed in version 1.34.