Holoswitch blocks other computers from using Steam, because listed as "game" instead of "software"

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Issue #12 resolved
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When playing a "game", Steam will not let you play another game using the same account on another computer. Since Holoswitch is currently classified as a "game", this means that I cannot use Steam on any other computer while it is running. This issue does not occur with items classified as "software" (like Controller Companion). Could you change Holoswitch's Steam classification from "game" to "software"? Otherwise, it will force users to sign out of Steam every time, and anyone who uses multiple computers is more likely to just stop using Holoswitch instead (which is sad, because it is awesome!).

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  1. Kildon

    This is OP – upon checking further, I realized I was wrong: Holoswitch is listed as “software”, and apparently it needs to be listed as a “tool.” Apparently that is the only category that doesn’t block other computers from playing games. I have attached a picture of the popup on the second computer when you try to start a game when Holoswitch is running on the first computer.

  2. Felix Schaefer

    Hi! 🙂 Since we were not able to change the listing, we asked Steam support to change it. They won’t since the “app is properly classified as an application. 'Tool'-type apps are associated with the game or software (example: an app editor or dedicated server) and cannot be created without the main application.”

    Sorry 😕

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