Need to have silent launcher EXE to keep from blocking Steam on other computers

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Issue #13 resolved
Kildon created an issue

On further research, Steam is blocking other computers because Holoswitch is listed as “Running” (ie, shows up in green on the Steam library) due to the library being directly linked to the EXE that runs in the background, which seems to be different than how Steam wants background-type applications to operate – once you eliminate the “Running” status, that will prevent the conflict.

That shouldn’t be too much trouble to resolve, though, if you just create a small EXE for the Steam library to launch, whose only purpose is to launch the real EXE so that this “helper” EXE can then immediately quit, thus leading Steam to no longer show it as running. That appears to also be how Controller Companion avoids this conflict – see attached for their file structure (first is the helper/silent launcher which is what the Steam library triggers, second is their actual app).

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