Holocom not showing in games

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Issue #16 resolved
Former user created an issue

Holocom and notifications work fine in steam home, but does'n appear in any games.

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  1. André Gröschel

    Hi, can you please provide us a proper bug report with steps to reproduce? Plus, we need more details in order to start investigating this issue (i.e. which games)

  2. Kyle Bryant

    Also having this issue. I get the notification sound but no pop up and the holocom doesn’t show up. So far it has happened in Steam lab, Superhot, Star trek bridge crew and virtual desktop. I usually start holo switch from steam home VR. It auto connects to my phone and I start getting notifications then again from steam home VR I start any game.

    Edit: Small update, it seems to work fine in boneworks. I did uninstall and reinstall steam and holoswitch and the issue persists.

    Edit 2: Noticed that for some reason even though the game was bought on Steam that it dumps me out to the Oculus white space then starts to load there. Therefore dumping me out of Steam. Which is what is causing this problem. Any idea on how to force the game to open using SteamVR instead of dumping me out to Oculus?

  3. Mike Quigley

    Noticed this with Zero Caliber. However I was using my Oculus Quest 2 with Link and although the steamVR version runs on the oculus it does not have an oculus SDK run version. This may be the problem. Other steamVR games that do have an oculus SDK version seem to have no problem with Holoswitch. I might try testing with my HTC Vive to see if this is the case.

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