Mobile device can't connect when pairing information are missing

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Issue #17 new
André Gröschel created an issue


The iOS client can’t connect when pairing information on PC are missing


Holoswitch iOS and Holobridge


  • Major: Major loss of function.

Expected result 

A new pairing request should get initiated when pairing information is missing on either the PC side or the mobile client

Actual result

The mobile client fails to connect to Holobridge

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Remove any pairing information related to Holobridge and Holoswitch iOS on Windows and on iOS
  2. Start Holobridge
  3. Start Holoswitch iOS
  4. on iOS: look for and connect to the PC with Holobridge running
  5. Accept all pairing requests and complete the connection
  6. Disconnect from Holobridge on iOS
  7. Remove all pairing information on Windows
  8. Try to connect again on Holoswitch iOS

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