Holoswitch functions only when cell phone has the app open and does not idle

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Issue #22 wontfix
Former user created an issue

When pairing Holoswitch phone app (android) to the PC app, it is only successful when the phone app is open and the phone does not go idle. This drains the phone battery and causes overheating.

Expected Path: Pair the phone app with the pc app and have a consistent connection.

Actual Path: Pair the phone app with the pc app and when the phone goes idle, the connection is lost.

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  1. André Gröschel

    This issue is usually related to battery optimization and vendor dependent. The Holoswitch service runs in the background and it's safe to turn off the phone screen or put the app in the background without losing connection. However, some vendors optimize very aggressively for battery consumption. In consequence, the service is being halted. To change it, go to the app settings and change battery optimization behavior

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