iOS Notification spamming on connect

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Issue #27 open
André Gröschel created an issue


When connecting an iPhone with existing notifications to Holoswitch VR, the controller vibrates for a long time


Holoswitch VR


  • Major: Major loss of function.

Expected result

When the iPhone connects, all existing notifications should be sent to VR so that the Notification Center in VR is in sync with the iOS notification center. Existing notifications in this sync step should be marked as read so that they do not trigger user feedback

Actual result

Each notification is marked as unread and triggers user feedback (especially haptic). The more notification are existing in the iOS notification center, the longer the feedback.

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Ensure that there are several notifications on iOS
  2. Connect mobile to PC
  3. Observe the lasting haptic feedback

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