No connection to Holobridge when starting manual

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Issue #3 resolved
André Gröschel created an issue


Holoswitch Steam fails to connect when Holobridge is already running


Holoswitch Steam

Expected result

Holoswitch Steam should connect when Holobridge is already running and a manual start of Holoswitch is performed through Steam.

Actual result 

Holoswitch Steam does not start at all. Android client can connect to Holobridge and forward notifications but they do not arrive in VR.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start Holobridge
  2. Disable Holoswitch autostart overlay in Steam VR settings
  3. Manually start Holoswitch
  4. Start Steam VR
  5. Open Steam VR home
  6. Send a test notification from Android client

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