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I am an Android user with an Oculus Rift S. I got your app today and it's been great! It works with every game I have tried, except for Star Wars Squadrons. This game can be used on normal desktop or in VR. But I am not able to get any notifications using Holoswitch when I am in VR, even the test notification. I don't necessarily want the peephole or recorder for this, but the notifications would be very helpful.

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  1. Felix Schaefer

    Hi there! We assume that unfortunately, you found one of the few games on Steam that is not using the Steam SDK. This means there’s no way for our app to render overlays on top of it. For some other games (e.g. Elite) it works when you switch the compatibility mode for this game. You could give it a try. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Right-click Elite Dangerous or the title of the game in your Steam Library > Properties
    2. Go “Local Files” and “Browse local files”
    3. Enter the “Products” folder
    4. Enter the “Star Wars Squadrons” folder
    5. Right-click “StarWarsSquadron.exe” or similar
    6. Go to “Compatibility”
    7. Change “Compatibility mode” to “Windows 7”
    8. Execute the game as usual.

    This MAY solve your issue because it COULD force the game to use the Steam SDK. But there’s no guarantee.

    Please give some feedback! 🙂

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