Holobridge doesn't start

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Issue #5 resolved
Felix Schaefer created an issue

Holobridge doesn’t start and app icon is not in tray bar. Log files for Holobridge are not available. Restarting, reinstalling and quick troubleshooting (FAQ) did not work.

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  1. Alexandros Touramanis

    Enabled Holobridge as an overlay app and run SteamVR

    • 1st time the app icon didnt appear
    • after restart the icon appeared as usual

  2. Mike Quigley

    I have the same issue as Felix posted in discord about it. It was working now just refuses to start… double-checked all steps in FAQ, uninstalled and reinstalled. Checked firewall settings overlay will not load, the icon in the tray will not load…. app says its running… but it is not

  3. Beta_Tester

    Exactly the same issue here. Reinstalled Holoswitch on PC, checked it is set to run as overlay. However (even though Holoswitch process is running), no icon appears in the tray area & log file isn't being written to.

  4. Felix Schaefer reporter

    @Beta_Tester @Mike Quigley could you please upload your logfiles for holobrige and holobridge? localized here C:\Users\???\AppData\Local\holobridge

  5. Felix Schaefer reporter

    @Beta_Tester Weird. Richard wrote a pm on discord. He managed to make it work for 2 other users with similar issues. Please get in contact with him. Pretty sure we’ll find a solution.

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