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Summary A summary of the issue

Product Which product is affected? (Holoswitch VR or Holoswitch Mobile)


  • Blocker: No further testing work can be done.
  • Critical: Application crash, Loss of data.
  • Major: Major loss of function.
  • Minor: Minor loss of function.
  • Trivial: Some UI enhancements.
  • Enhancement: Request for a new feature or some enhancement in the existing one.

Expected result It is necessary to outline what is the outcome of the test and what the user should expect. The reader should know what the correct outcome of the test is.

Actual result Mention what happened during the test and what was the outcome.

Steps to Reproduce A good bug report should clearly mention the steps to reproduce. The steps should include actions that cause the bug. Don’t make generic statements. Be specific in the steps to follow.

A good example of a well-written procedure is given below-: Steps:

  1. Select product Abc01.
  2. Click on Add to cart.
  3. Click remove to remove the product from the cart.

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