This framework contains a number of classes that can be used to implement a simple application that monitors connection of IOS devices. It is an extremely simple-minded demo of how to listen for device connections.

You will need to subclass a number of the classes:

Your regular application delegate should inherit from IPodAccessAppDelegate, since it needs to overload applicationDidFinishLaunching:. The MobileDeviceAccess singleton will then call it back whenever a device connects/disconnects.

Whenever a device connects, code in deviceConnected creates a proxy object (IPodAccessAppDevice or subclass) which is responsible for retaining the actual AMDevice. It then creates a window (IPodAccessAppDeviceWindow or subclass) which is responsible for displaying the relevant device content.

The delegate attempts to ensure that the window is cleaned up whether the device is disconnected before/after the window is closed.

For an example of how it can be used, see here: or here: