Jeff Laing avatar Jeff Laing committed 8042131

Oops, didn't quite have arguments to AFCConnectionPerformOperation() correct. There is a
timeout parameter as well.

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 // New style - seems to formalise the creation of the "request packet" seperately
 // from the execution.
-afc_error_t AFCConnectionProcessOperation(afc_connection a1, afc_operation op);
+afc_error_t AFCConnectionProcessOperation(afc_connection a1, afc_operation op, double timeout);
 afc_error_t AFCOperationGetResultStatus(afc_operation op);
 CFTypeRef AFCOperationGetResultObject(afc_operation op);
 CFTypeID AFCOperationGetTypeID(afc_operation op);
 - (bool)processOp:(afc_operation)op from:(const char *)func
 	BOOL result = NO;
-	if ([self checkStatus:AFCConnectionProcessOperation(_afc, op) from:"AFCConnectionProcessOperation"]) {
+	if ([self checkStatus:AFCConnectionProcessOperation(_afc, op, AFCConnectionGetIOTimeout(_afc)) from:"AFCConnectionProcessOperation"]) {
 		afc_error_t e = AFCOperationGetResultStatus(op);
 		if (e == 0) {
 			[self clearLastError];
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