Issue #3 resolved
William Henderson
created an issue

I'd like to use some of this code in a project I am working on, but I cannot find a license. Could you please add one?

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  1. Jeff Laing repo owner

    Done. See License.txt for the details. Executive Summary: it is free for anyone to use.

    Note however, that this is all built on a private framework which Apple may change without notice. Using it in products you intend to sell may be problematic, especially if you intend to sell through the App Store - I doubt it would be allowed in.

  2. Jeff Laing repo owner

    Then you'll definitely want to watch issue#2 which is explicitly in the handler for pulling files back from the device. It seems pretty likely that the AFC routines probably need int64 for some of their arguments, but at the moment, I'm not convinced that it is all of them - that's what's taking the time getting it fixed.

    I assume I can consider this issue resolved.

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