Cant send twitter status

Issue #2 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Im trying to send some twitter status and doesn't work. This is my last log

** (pino:15047): DEBUG: status_box.vala:97: enter

great job :D I like this new version

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  1. Anonymous

    If you don't click on the image twitter (down right) you can't send twitter status.

    Now i can send twitter status, but i think is a usability error.


  2. Anonymous

    I think this could be the same:

    (pino:6169): DEBUG: status_box.vala:86: reply (pino:6169): DEBUG: status_box.vala:97: enter

    there is no twitter icon anywhere on the bottom right

  3. Anonymous

    so aparently you first need to press you avatar picture to switch tweeting on ?! when you click it again it (switch off) posting fails

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